What information do we collect?

Odd-e Australia Pty. Ltd. will not collect any more information than is necessary for it to fulfil its functions, nor will it disclose your personal information to anyone without your consent unless legally permitted or required to do so.

Email address collection

If you supply an email address we may collect it to keep in our records for the purpose of communicating with you.  Supplying the email address is voluntary but if you do not supply it, Odd-e Australia Pty. Ltd. will not, of course, be able to communicate with you by email.

Email updates subscription services

We only send Email updates to people who have given consent (expressed or inferred) to receive it. Once you are on one of our mailing databases, you can easily unsubscribe. Each electronic correspondence provides clear instructions on how to unsubscribe. Please advise us if you wish to unsubscribe from more than one Email updates service.


Spam is ‘unsolicited commercial electronic messaging’. As part of our commitment to maintaining your privacy, we do not condone or encourage spam.

In accordance with the Spam Act 2003, we will only send commercial electronic messages with the addressee’s expressed or inferred consent to receive it. All messages will have clear and accurate information about Odd-e Australia Pty. Ltd. as the sender and will have a functional unsubscribe facility. All requests to unsubscribe will be dealt with promptly.

Online Transactions

Odd-e Australia Pty. Ltd. does not retain any financial information, and uses third party service providers. Odd-e Australia Pty. Ltd. does not have any responsibility for the privacy policies of third party suppliers used for financial transactions.

*Adapted via Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License from the NSW Fair Trading Privacy Policy 2017.