Become Certified Scrum Product Owner

Want to become the Product Owner you always knew you could be?

We will help you on your journey with workshops that take you from initial ideas, to product discovery, to spread idea like virus, to product delivery with techniques such as Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Impact Mapping and Specification by Example.

In three days workshop, you will be in high collaborative and dynamic environment to learn with others together.


Day 1 - Scrum:

  • Scrum overview
  • Scrum history
  • Scrum Roles
  • Organization design is foundation for agile transition
  • Leveraging Barbell strategy for better balancing between survival and luck

Day 2 - Discovery:

  • 0’s Story
    • IdeaVirus
    • Purple Cow
    • Spread ideas across idea diffusion curve
    • How to market and design product based on customer and market segment
    • Sneezers
  • 1's Story
    • Setting business goals and metrics
    • Understanding customer
    • Empathy
    • Collaboratively exploring solutions

Day 3 - Delivery:

  • Collaboratively creating / maintaining product backlog
  • ODDE is criteria for good product backlog
  • Story Mapping
  • Estimation
  • Batch
  • Cadency
  • Specification by Example
  • Scrum meetings

More Benefits

In addition to a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Product Owner certificate, you will also gain:

  • One Scrum Product Owner playbook
  • 5G+ inspiring videos, articles and papers
  • 10+ books recommendations
  • T-shirt
  • Planning Poker
  • 2 years' of Scrum Alliance membership
  • 21 PDU

About Daniel

danielDaniel Teng is one of few people who has been certified by Scrum Alliance as both Certified Enterprise Coach & Certified Scrum Trainer. At the same time, he is also entrepreneur who is running start-up businesses from DNA testing, cross-border e-commerce to online travel. With very rich real experiences in growing, marketing, stabilizing and killing business, Daniel has provided training and coaching to many organizations and individuals and assisted their Agile journey. The clients are from varied industories, from software and internet business to banking and embedded system, such as GE Healthcare, SAP, Autodesk, HSBC, ICBC, PingAn, Baidu and etc.